Aragvi is the main river in Piraketa Khevsureti; its tributaries are: Okherkhevistskali, Chakhmatistskali, Buchukurtistskali, Likokistskali, Datvisistskali and Akushos Khevebi. The Pshavis Aragvi flows into the Khevsuretis Aragvi near the village of Matsmo in a place called Ortskali. From Ortskali (1,154 m a.s.l), the Pshav-Khevsureti Aragvi flows towards the Zhinvali Reservoir; there, the Mtiuleti Aragvi joins it and then flows into the Mtkvari River near Mtskheta.

Pshavis Aragvi starts in the Borbalo (3,135m a.s.l) and Botana mountains. Its tributaries are: Botanastskali, Asiskhevi,
Bogoncharis Khevi, Tsatsa and Vareula. Psavis Aragvi flows into the Tetrakheva in Shuapkho.

Arkhotistskali Gorge (also known as Asa Gorge) is surrounded by high mountains and glaciers, the altitude of which reach 3,000-4,000 m a.s.l. Waters flowing down from these Alps run through the Arkhoti Gorge. The Arkhori riverhead consists of the Tsirtslovani and Chimgha waters flowing down from the Caucasus; it flows northward from the village of Akhieli, and, in passing, feeds from the waters of Kalotana, Tania, Bisni, Tergha and Tateli. From Khieli (25 km from Amghi), it flows into the Ingushetia River (in the Russian Federation); the Arkhoti and Ingushetia borders are also nearby.

Arghunis tskali springs from Mount Datvisjvari. Its tributaries are Tsubrovanistskali and Gurostskali. The Arghunistkali flows northward, towards Chechnya; it is joined by Shatili’s Khevistskali and Mitkhulistskali.

The Ardotistskali River riverhead is created by the waters flowing down from the Andaki and Archilo mountain peaks. Its tributaries are Angelozatskali and Chanchakistskali. The rivers of Arghuni and Ardoti converge near the village of Anatorti. Thereafter the river flows to Chechnya.

Mineral waters in Khevsureti are known as vedza. They include: Likokis Vedza, Gudanis Tskaro, Nadirkhevis Vedza, Khakhmatis Vedza and Ghulis Vedza. Among these acidic waters, alkaline salt springs predominate.


Abudelauri Lake(s) – a glacial (moraine) lake composed of two wonderful, alpine-zone lakes: the Lurji (blue) and Tetri (white) lakes. Abudelauri Lake is located at the riverhead of Abudelauri, which is a tributary of the Roshkistskali. The lake
is situated at 2,812 m a.s.l; the water surface is 0.035 km²; it is fed by snow and rain waters and is an open lake, which means that water flows in and out of the lake. The lake freezes in winter; it is particularly picturesque in the early spring and summer, and several fish dwell within the lake.

Tanies Lake – a karst lake located in Pirikita Khevsureti on the northern slope of the Caucasus Range is situated at 2,232 m a.s.l; the water surface is 0.033 km². It is fed by snow, rain and ground waters. No fish live in the lake.

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